Hiltra F60 gas bottle depot model BSG 3-bw (occasion HV > 5-06-0318)
Article number 300220366
Dimensions external WxDxH 3010 x 2170 x 2240 mm
Dimensions internal BxDxH 2x compartment 1310 x 1800 x 1925 mm
Capacity 70x 50 litre standard cylinders (2x 35 pieces)
Weight approx. 1780 kg
Door Lockable double door B=2700 mm with emergency unlocking mechanism
Fire resistance F60 according to NEN6069 : 2005 (Efectis report)
Is optionally equipped with option A1 Exterior paintwork in RAL5010/blue
Is optionally provided with option F flange connection on roof surface for forced extraction
Normal price € 11.102,00
Special Price € 8.326,50 (-25%)