Circular 34193 "Risk Management of Lithium-Ion Energy Carriers"

It has been a long wait, but as of July 1, 2020, the ministerial Circular No. 34193, titled "Risk Management of Lithium-Ion Energy Carriers" was published in the Government Gazette. This Circular is effective immediately and is a precursor to the PGS 37 expected at the end of 2021. Hiltra Barneveld B.V. has made a summary of the Circular with regard to the part that deals with the storage of lithium cells and batteries. We have been developing and producing a complete range for the fire-safe storage én fire-safe charging of lithium batteries since 2010 and are currently leading the market in this area. The standardized program is here on our website. We also offer (custom) solutions for the storage of larger quantities (pallets) with lithium batteries and we make Prefab fire compartments for EOS (energy storage systems). For advice, please contact ééone of our advisers.

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