PGS15 Gas cylinder storage

Do you use gases for production in your company? Are you wondering what is a safe way of storing these in accordance with the legislation? Then you have come to the right place at Hiltra. We specialize in the safe storage systems based on the recent regulations. In September 2016 the new legislation started: the PGS 15 (Publicatioin Series on Dangerous Substances). All our products comply with this regulation.<br /> <h2>What is a PGS 15 gas cylinder storage? </h2>A PGS 15 gas cylinder storage is a storage for gas cylinders that complies with the PGS 15 regulations. This means that the storage must be fire resistant for at least 60 minutes. The maximum water content of the gas cylinders in a single storage area must not exceed 3,000 litres and the storage area must not be placed lower than the surrounding ground. These and other requirements are often difficult for private individuals to meet. That is why we offer you the total solution. If you wish to purchase PGS 15 gas cylinder storage from us, we can also provide you with direct advice on the placement and any other issues that you need to take into account when taking it into use. We can provide this advice on site. <br />

Drip tray and grate galvanised model HLB 4
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