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Rental F60 Storage Systems and Occasions:
Do you want to deploy a PGS15 storage system quickly? Hiltra always has several occasions available from stock or check out our options to rent.

Delivery of products/specified delivery times:
Due to the scarcity of raw materials and the great pressure on our carriers, it may happen that the previously specified/agreed delivery times cannot be met. For questions about this you can always contact us at 0342-404160.
Hiltra has different vacancies open:
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Megasaver for storage of gas cylinder packs

You can also come to Hiltra for the responsible storage of gas cylinders and/or gas cylinder packages. The main purpose of the out-of-house storage of gas cylinders is to protect the gas cylinders against heat radiation from outside. The risk from the gas cylinders is often not such that this requires a safety distance. In addition to a very extensive standard range of Megasaver gas cylinder racks, we also have the possibility of manufacturing customer-specific gas cylinder racks. Here is an example of a custom-made Megasaver designed for the storage of gas cylinder packages. By using large double wing doors, the gas cylinder packages can be placed safely and quickly with a cage monkey. Do you also have questions about the proper storage of gas cylinder batteries, one of our advisors will be happy to help you. T 0342-404160.

Megasaver for storage of lithium-ion batteries

We were asked by a client in the south of the country to help think about the safe storage of large quantities of damaged lithium-ion batteries from mobile phones. Because of the specific hazard characteristics and the high risk of fire, a standard solution is not sufficient. Hiltra Barneveld is one of the few companies with the expertise to answer these kinds of questions with a safe solution that optimally protects people and the environment against the disastrous consequences of a lithium-ion fire. The design, the execution and the layout of the storage facility were established in consultation with the client and, of course, discussed with the competent authorities prior to approval. The Megasaver fire compartment supplied by us has a fire resistance of 60 minutes, is fitted with a fire monitoring system with automatic alarm transmission, an SMS alarm function and a certified fire extinguishing system. Do you have any questions about the proper storage of lithium-ion batteries, one of our advisors will gladly answer them. T 0342-404160.

2 units Hiltra Gas cylinder depot model GD4 for ARN in Weurt

In addition to the development and production of fire compartments for hazardous (liquid) substances, Hiltra also has an extensive range of gas cylinder storage facilities. You can come to us for storage facilities for individual 50 litre standard cylinders to the storage of packages. We have gas cylinder storage facilities made from galvanised steel plate with mesh doors for optimum natural ventilation. Naturally, we also have a range of 60 minute fire resistant gas cylinder storage facilities for those situations where protection against the destructive effects of fire must be ensured. Do you have a specific question for us? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists 0342-404160.

ChemosaverTM fire compartments for Refresco Benelux Maarheze

At Refresco Benelux, Europe's largest producer of soft drinks and fruit juices, two ChemosaverTM model CS-D-12 fire compartments for the storage of (flammable) hazardous substances have been taken into use. These fire compartments, with a fire resistance of 60 minutes including Efectis report, are suitable for the storage of a maximum of 16 euro pallets and/or 12 IBCs in two layers. One unit is equipped with a climate control system so that the temperature does not drop below 5 °C in winter and does not exceed 35 °C in summer. The climate control system has a built-in alarm that sends an SMS immediately if the temperature drops below the set limit.

Megasaver® fire compartment for Wepp Benelux Valkenswaard

Wepp Benelux, supplier of innovative maintenance products for cars, delivery vans, lorries and buses, recently took a custom-made Hiltra Megasaver® fire compartment into use. The fire compartment, with a size of 7000x6000x3000 mm, is divided into two compartments for the fireproof storage of liquid hazardous substances and spray cans. The Megasaver was produced in two parts in Barneveld and was then installed by our assembly team on site and assembled on an impermeable foundation. Because of the assembly on a liquid-tight foundation, there are no sills and pallets can be safely driven in and out by means of a stacker. Both compartments are equipped with explosion-proof LED fluorescent lighting. Naturally, this customised Megasaver is also provided with an Efectis fire resistance report and fire resistance strength calculations in accordance with Eurocodes.

Megasaver® fire compartment for Kenbri project Vopak

In recent years, Hiltra has further specialized in the engineering and construction of prefabricated installation spaces. These are used in various branches of industry. One of the loyal relations which Hiltra Barneveld B.V. has the honour of supplying is Kenbri Fire Fighting B.V. in Numansdorp. For a special project for Vopak, Hiltra built a valve house in close collaboration with Kenbri, which now forms the heart of the extinguishing installation at Vopak. It concerns a 60 minutes fire resistant valve house with the dimensions LxWxH= 12.0x3.9x4 m and a weight of approx. 12 tons. In Barneveld all necessary consoles for mounting pumps, piping, pipe penetrations with fire cuffs etc. were integrated in the unit frame. For more information see also: www.kenbri. nl... For more information on prefabricated installation units click here or contact our sales department on 0342-404160. Click here for more pictures.

Megasaver® fire compartment for ThermoFisher Scientific in Tilburg

ThermoFisher Scientific in Tilburg, specialised in the production and development of gelatine-based drug delivery forms (softgels), has recently taken a Hiltra Megasaver fire compartment into use. The Megasaver, with a size of 8000x2400x2600 mm, has a fire resistance of 60 minutes and is, of course, supplied with an Efectis report. For the separate storage of various packaged hazardous substances, the Megasaver is divided into three compartments. For cooling and heating, each compartment is equipped with a climate control system including a visual and acoustic alarm in the event of excess temperature. Furthermore, all compartments are equipped with a forced ventilation system and lighting including cabling to the central distribution board. Click here for more pictures.

Circular 34193 "Risk Management of Lithium-Ion Energy Carriers".

It has been a long wait, but as of 1 July 2020, Ministerial Circular No. 34193, entitled "Risk Management of Lithium-Ion Energy Carriers" was published in the Government Gazette. This Circular comes into force immediately and is a precursor to the PGS 37 which is expected at the end of 2021. Hiltra Barneveld B.V. has drawn up a summary of the Circular with regard to the part concerning the storage of lithium cells and batteries. Since 2010, we have developed and produced a complete range for the fire-safe storage and fire-safe charging of lithium batteries and we are currently the market leader in this field. The standardized program can be found here on our website. We also offer (custom) solutions for the storage of larger quantities (pallets) with lithium batteries and we make prefab fire compartments for EOS (energy storage systems). For advice please contact one of our consultants.

Hiltra, manufacturer of safety cabinets

In the Netherlands, Hiltra Barneveld is the only manufacturer of fire safety cabinets in conformity with the European standard NEN-EN 14470-1. The Labsaver fire safety cabinets, which have a fire resistance of 90 minutes and are available in three models, are suitable for the indoor storage of up to 250 litres of (flammable) hazardous substances. Manufactured from high-quality materials and featuring a contemporary design, Labsaver safety cabinets offer a flexible solution for the safe storage of (flammable) hazardous substances in accordance with PGS 15 regulations.

Gas cylinder storage at Agilent Technologies Netherlands BV

In collaboration with CBRE GWS Integrated Facility Management, we have supplied Agilent Technologies Netherlands BV in Middelburg with various fire resistant GD-Megasaver units for the storage of individual gas cylinders and gas cylinder packages. By applying double mesh doors, the storages are optimally ventilated and gas cylinder packages can be placed safely and easily with a forklift. The roofs and walls are manufactured from high-quality 60-minute fire-resistant sandwich panels and offer optimum protection against a fire from the adjacent laboratory. For the distribution of various types of gas to the various workplaces, a pipeline system with distribution stations to the process plant has been integrated. For more (detailed) images click here.

6 pieces valve houses for van Ginkel Sprinkler Services Europoort

In 2015, Hiltra supplied Van Ginkel Sprinkler Services Europoort with four Megasaver 60-minute fire-resistant units in the dimensions of 10.0 x 3.0 x 3.1 m as accommodation for the valve houses of a sprinkler system at Rubis Terminal. This year there was a follow-up order for two more similar units, however now in the even larger dimensions of 10.0 x 3.4 x 3.1 and 12.0 x 3.4 x 3.1 m respectively. In these fire resistant units, all the supports and piping required, including wall penetrations with fire cuffs, have been integrated. The units are constructed in accordance with the Buildings Decree and in high-quality C5 marine environment preservation so prepared for a long life. The valve houses are first completed and tested at their own location by Sprinklerservices Europoort before travelling on to their final destination, where the units are connected to the sprinkler network. By using this method, the "disruption" caused by construction and installation activities is of course significantly reduced. On the picture the 12.0 m unit loaded and ready for departure to the installer. For more pictures click here.

9x Bigsaver fire compartments for Meander Groep Zuid-Limburg

Today 9 Bigsaver fire compartments for the fire-safe storage of gas bottles were collected for the storage of gas cylinders. At 6 sites of the largest care provider in Parkstad and Westelijke Mijnstreek, a Bigsaver model BSG1-14 will be installed. At the other 3 locations a Bigsaver BSG1 model is used for the storage of gas bottles. Do you have questions about the proper storage of gas bottles? Please feel free to contact us !

Storage and charging station for lithium-ion batteries for Tomin Group Hilversum

The list of fires caused by charging lithium-ion batteries in particular is getting longer and longer. Li-Ion batteries can cause fires in the event of thermal runaway (Thermal Runaway) caused by e.g. internal short-circuits and this is considered a particular hazard with a high fire risk due to the large amounts of energy stored in the cells. Mechanical damage, electrical faults or overheating can lead to leakage of hydrogen fluoride (highly toxic). The chance of a violent explosion of a li-ion battery should not be underestimated, and because a li-ion battery causes a 'metal fire', the fire cannot be extinguished by traditional means.Hiltra Barneveld BV has developed a complete range of fire safety cabinets and safes which offer a very high level of protection for storage and charging activities with this type of battery. The applied, unique, certified extinguishing system is automatically activated very quickly, is human and environmentally friendly, and limits consequential damage to a minimum. Call us to find out what we can do for you. Click here for more pictures.

Keg park for Kolb Netherlands

For the storage of various raw materials at Kolb Netherlands in Klundert, we supplied a drum park. The drum park is provided with two covered parts with on both sides a Chemotainer CT12 (without doors) for the storage of non-flammable raw materials. For the storage of flammable raw materials is chosen two heated Chemosaver CS12 fire compartments. The total storage capacity is 64 europallets and/or 48 IBCs. To prevent soil contamination, the drum park is built on a liquid-proof concrete foundation with an installation to collect rainwater that is used in the various production processes. Not only an environmentally safe but also a sustainable solution! Click here for more pictures.

Chemotainer drum park NN Netherlands

For the central environmental depot of NN Netherlands in Veenendaal, we have supplied a drum park for the storage of various waste streams. The drum park is equipped with a covered area for the storage of solid waste and two Chemotainers model CT8/2200-H for the double-layered storage of liquid waste. To prevent soil pollution, the drum park is equipped with a liquid-proof concrete foundation. Click here for more pictures.

Heating room for Hi-Tech Coatings in Zwaag

Besides the development, production and sales of fire resistant storage systems, we also develop prefab process chambers in which packaged hazardous substances can be brought to a high temperature for a production process. Recently, we delivered a Chemotainer heat chamber for 8 IBCs. Temperatures up to approx. 90 °C can be realised. The desired temperature is realized by an electric recirculation heating based on a channel heater behind a fan and can only be activated when the doors are locked on magnets.

Insulated and heated storage for FrieslandCampina Domo in Borculo

FrieslandCampina Domo has taken into use two Hiltra Chemotainers for the conditioned storage of cleaning agents. These custom-made insulated units, for acids and alkalis, are fitted with a heating system to adequately protect the cleaning agents from the adverse effects of frost. The heating system is of course fitted with cabling to a central distribution board and delivered ready to use.

Megasaver MS-533525-PIR- technical room for fire extinguishing system

In case of fire, it is of vital importance that an extinguishing system continues to do its work. For one of our clients, Hiltra developed a Megasaver with a fire resistance of 60 minutes, in which the technical installation is optimally protected against fire, and the fire-extinguishing system can continue to do its work. The design, construction and layout of this Megasaver were realised entirely in accordance with the wishes of the client. You can also contact Hiltra for a custom-made prefab fire-resistant technical room. Click here for more images.

Expansion of Chemosaver drum park at Keyser & Mackay in Rhenen

Recently, we have completed the activities with regard to the expansion of the drum park at Keyser & Mackay. With five extra Chemosaver model CS-D-12 fire compartments, the storage capacity has been increased to a total of 120 IBCs and/or 160 euro pallets. Also this time is chosen for a so called U-position where the spaces in between are executed with a light translucent canopy. Click here for more pictures.

Chemosaver fire compartment for Indupol International N.V.

Hiltra developed this special Chemosaver for Indupol International NV in Arendonk (B), market leader in the production of composite bodyparts for the automotive, railroad and agricultural sectors. The Chemosaver with a fire resistance of 60 minutes is suitable for the placement of 6 IBCs. The IBCs are connected to a pump system and provided with piping to the spray cabin. Furthermore, the fire compartment is equipped with an agitator suspended in a special crane track. This makes it possible to move the agitator safely and easily between the IBCs. To operate the agitator and the technical installation, the Chemosaver is equipped with a separate room for an operator. Click here for more images.

Chemosaver fire compartments for Reomas Zutphen

At Reomas, an innovative and leading manufacturer of two-component plastics, two Chemosaver fire compartments have recently been installed and commissioned. These ChemosaverTM model CS-D-12 fire compartments provide a flexible solution for storing 32 europallets, 24 chemical pallets and/or 24 IBCs.

Megasaver storage building for gas cylinders for Paques Balk

For the storage and distribution of various types of gas, Hiltra delivered a custom-made Megasaver storage building with a fire resistance of 60 minutes to Paques in Balk. The storage building is divided into four fire compartments for the separate storage of four types of gas. Furthermore, the building has a centrally located technical room for the measuring and distribution stations. From the technical area, the gases are distributed to the various workplaces in the laboratory.

Fireproof drum park for Pack2Pack Halsteren BV

A drum park provided entirely by Hiltra, on the basis of four ChemosaverTM fire compartments, including interstices fitted with skylight roofs. Briefly, the drum store consists of four 60-minute fire-resistant ChemosaverTM model CS-D-12/2200 fire compartments arranged parallel to each other. Delivery includes lighting under the canopy. The total storage capacity of the drum fleet is 48 IBCs and/or 48 chemical pallets and/or 64 euro pallets.

Fire resistant drum park for Pittsburgh Corning Europe N.V.

Through our Belgian partner CGK Group BVBA, Pittsburgh Corning Europe N.V. - one of the world leaders in the production of insulation from cellular glass - recently started using a fire resistant drum park for the storage of (flammable) hazardous substances in Tessenderlo (B).

Chemosaver fire compartments for Euroshoe Grp (Bristol)

Via our Belgian partner CGK Group BVBA, two Chemosaver fire compartments were installed at Euro Shoe Group (Bristol) in Beringen for the indoor storage of aerosols. With the installation of these fire compartments, a storage capacity of 32 euro pallets has been realised. The fire compartments are equipped with fire detection and an extinguishing system for rapid detection based on smoke detectors in combination with an automatic extinguishing system. In recognition of the commitment and investment in the environmentally friendly and fire-safe storage of hazardous materials, the client even received an award from FM-Global.

Optimal protection of Li-ion batteries with Hiltra

  • Cabinets 90 minutes fire resistant, tested by MPA Dresden according to NEN-EN-14470-1.
  • Battery explosion and fire test by Battery University - Karlstein.
  • Equipped with a unique and Kiwa certified extinguishing system according to BRL-K23003/01.
  • Fitted with emergency pressure relief with special filter to keep the extinguishing serosol in the cabinet and to prevent discharge of Li-ion particles from the cabinet.
Call 0342-404160 for the complete program. Read more

First Chemotainer model CT12-DBL-ISO on transport

The first Chemotainer CT12-DL-ISO (24 pallet places) on transport to Belgium. This storage facility is part of a drum park for a total of 96 pallet/IBC places. The storage facilities for dangerous goods are insulated and equipped with a (semi) Atex climate control installation (double-split).

Please contact us for more information: +31-342-404160.

Fire compartments for large logistics service provider

Hiltra was commissioned by a large logistics service provider to supply five ChemosaverTM fire compartments for their distribution centre in Tilburg. The ChemosaverTM model CS-D-20E-RD, with a fire resistance of 60 minutes, is suitable for the storage of europallets in five layers, four europallets per layer, making optimum use of the available height. An extra saving on the valuable square metres of space in the distribution centre. The use of rolling doors guarantees optimal accessibility and does not interfere with the logistic process within the distribution centre.
The project sum includes: Engineering, Production, construction file in accordance with the Buildings Decree, including a fire-resistance report, foundation plan/foundation load plan, project supervision by a Hiltra structural engineer up to and including delivery, and the complete construction by Hiltra fitters on site.