Welcome to the website of Hiltra, for over 40 years the undisputed PGS15 specialist for the Netherlands and Belgium!

Projects and latest news
Bigsaver F60 model BS 6 (occasion HV > 6-14-0619)
Promotion price
€ 17.101,92
Bigsaver F60 model BS 6 (occasion HV > 6-03-0616)
Promotion price
€ 12.395,00
Bigsaver F60 model BS 3 (occasion HV > 3-106-0619)
Promotion price
€ 10.792,19
Drip tray and grid galvanized model HLB 2
Promotion price
€ 248,70

Storage of dangerous substances

For 35 years, Hiltra Barneveld has been the undisputed PGS15 specialist in the Netherlands and Belgium for the storage of hazardous substances

We supply PGS15 storage systems, PGS15 containers, storage safes and safety cabinets. We also supply completely tailor-made PGS15 containers.

The storage of hazardous substances is subject to many requirements and relates to fire safety, occupational safety and environmental safety.

The term ADR substances storage is also often used for the storage of hazardous substances. ADR storage is the European treaty for the international transport of dangerous goods / substances.

Rent a PGS15 container

We also offer the possibility to rent or lease a PGS15 container. Most fire resistant container models can be supplied from stock. For more information about our rental possibilities please visit our rental page or our rental website.

Storage of lithium batteries

Safe storage of lithium ion batteries is possible with the storage and charging stations li-ion battery products. See also here for more information: Storage lithium or Storing lithium