Megasaver for lithium-ion battery storage

We were asked by a client in the southern part of the country to help think about the safe storage of large quantities of damaged lithium ion batteries from cell phones. Due to the specific danger characteristics and the high risk of fire, a standard solution was not sufficient. As one of the few, Hiltra Barneveld has the expertise to answer these kinds of questions, with a safe solution which optimally protects people and the environment from the disastrous consequences of a lithium-ion fire. The design, construction and layout of the storage facility were made in consultation with the client and, of course, discussed with the competent authorities prior to approval. The Megasaver fire compartment delivered by us has a fire resistance of 60 minutes, is equipped with a fire monitoring system with automatic reporting, SMS alarm function and a certified fire extinguishing system. Do you also have questions about the proper storage of lithium-ion batteries? One of our advisors will be happy to help you. T 0342-404160.

Labsaver F90 LS1220-EN - Li-ion - gray - LOAD 230V (offer new from stock)
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€ 6.000,00
Drip tray and grid galvanized model HLB 2
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Bigsaver F60 model BS 1 > serial no. 99901 > New from stock !
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