6 pcs valve houses for van Ginkel Sprinkler Services Europoort

In 2015, Hiltra supplied Van Ginkel Sprinkler Services Europoort with four Megasaver 60-minute fire resistant units measuring BxDxH: 10.0x3.0x3.1 m as accommodation for the valve houses of a sprinkler system at Rubis Terminal. This year there was a follow-up order for two more similar units, however now in the even larger dimensions of 10.0x3.4x3.1 and 12.0x3.4x3.1 m respectively. In these fire resistant units all necessary supports and piping are integrated, including wall penetrations with fire cuffs. The units are constructed in accordance with the Buildings Decree and provided with a high-quality C5 marine environment preservation, thus prepared for a long life. The valve houses are first completed and tested at their own location by Sprinklerservices Europoort before they travel to their final destination, where the units are connected to the sprinkler network. This way of working means that the "disruption" caused by construction and installation activities is significantly less. In the picture the 12.0 m unit, loaded and ready to leave for the installer. For more pictures click here.

Labsaver F90 LS620-EN - yellow
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€ 1.789,79
Drip tray and grate galvanised model HLB 1
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€ 227,77
Labsaver F90 LS1220-EN - grey
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€ 2.030,00