Barrel park for Kolb Netherlands

For the storage of various raw materials at Kolb Netherlands in Klundert, we supplied a barrel park. The drum park is equipped with two covered sections with on either side a Chemotainer CT12 (without doors) for the storage of non-flammable raw materials. Two heated Chemosaver CS12 fire compartments were chosen for the storage of combustible raw materials. The total storage capacity is 64 euro pallets and/or 48 IBCs. To prevent soil contamination, the drum park is built on a liquid-proof concrete foundation with an installation to collect rainwater that is used in various production processes. Not only an environmentally safe, but also a sustainable solution! Click here for more images.

Labsaver F90 LS1220-EN - grey
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€ 1.955,46
Hiltra F60 gas bottle depot model BSG 3-bw (occasion HV > 5-11-0220)
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€ 11.098,62