Chemosaver fire compartment for Indupol International N.V.

Hiltra developed this special Chemosaver for Indupol International NV in Arendonk (B), market leader in the production of composite bodyparts for the automotive, railroad and agricultural sectors. The Chemosaver with a fire resistance of 60 minutes is suitable for the placement of 6 IBCs. The IBCs are connected to a pump system and provided with piping to the spray cabin. Furthermore, the fire compartment is equipped with an agitator, suspended in a special crane track. This makes it possible to move the agitator safely and easily between the IBCs. To operate the agitator and the technical installation, the Chemosaver is equipped with a separate room for an operator. Click here for more images.

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Bigsaver F60 model BS 3 (new- from stock)
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