Expansion of Chemosaver drum park at Keyser & Mackay in Rhenen

We recently completed the work on expanding the drum park at Keyser & Mackay. With five extra Chemosaver model CS-D-12 fire compartments, the storage capacity has been increased to a total of 120 IBCs and/or 160 euro pallets. Also this time a choice has been made for a so-called u-arrangement whereby the spaces in between are executed with a light-permeable canopy. Click here for more pictures.

Hiltra F60 (semi) gas cylinder depot model GD-MS 12 (new from stock)
Promotion price
€ 4.213,80
Hiltra F60 gas bottle depot model BSG 3-bw (occasion HV > 5-11-0220)
Promotion price
€ 11.098,62
Labsaver F90 LS1220-EN - grey/yellow
Promotion price
€ 2.050,92
Hiltra F60 (semi) gas cylinder depot model GD-MS 18 (new from stock)
Promotion price
€ 5.050,80