Fire compartments for large logistics provider

On behalf of a large logistics company, Hiltra supplied five ChemosaverTM fire compartments for their distribution center in Tilburg. The ChemosaverTM model CS-D-20E-RD, with a fire resistance of 60 minutes, is suitable for the storage of euro pallets in five layers of four euro pallets per layer, making optimal use of the available height. An additional saving on the valuable square meters of space in the distribution center.

Hiltra F60 (semi) gas cylinder depot model GD-MS 12 (new from stock)
Promotion price
€ 4.213,80
Megasaver Model MS533525 > Newly available from stock
Promotion price
€ 16.561,47
Bigsaver F60 model BS 3 (new- from stock)
Promotion price
€ 8.829,90
Labsaver F90 LS620-EN - gray
Promotion price
€ 1.603,56