Megasaver® fire compartment for Wepp Benelux Valkenswaard

Wepp Benelux, supplier of innovative maintenance products for cars, vans, trucks and buses, recently put a custom-made Hiltra Megasaver® fire compartment into operation. The fire compartment with a size of 7000x6000x3000 mm is divided into two compartments to store liquid hazardous materials and aerosols in a responsible way fire-resistant separated from each other. The Megasaver was produced in two parts in Barneveld and then installed by our assembly team on site and assembled on an impermeable foundation. By building on a liquid-proof foundation, there are no sills and pallets can be safely driven in and out by means of a stacker. Both compartments are equipped with explosion-proof LED fluorescent lighting. Naturally, this tailor-made Megasaver is also provided with an Efectis fire resistance report and fire resistance strength calculations according to Eurocodes.

OFF - Labsaver F90 LS620-EN - yellow (B-choice)
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Bigsaver F60 model BS 1 > serial no. 99901 > New from stock !
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Labsaver F90 LS620-EN - gray
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Drip tray and grid galvanized model HLB 2
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