Megasaver MS-533525-PIR- technical room for fire extinguishing system

In case of fire, it is of vital importance that an extinguishing system continues to do its work. For one of our clients, Hiltra developed a Megasaver with a fire resistance of 60 minutes, in which the technical installation is optimally protected against fire and the fire extinguishing system can continue to do its work. The design, implementation and layout of this Megasaver came about entirely at the wish of the client. You can also come to Hiltra for custom-made prefab fire resistant technical rooms. Click here for more images.

Hiltra F60 (semi) gas cylinder depot model GD-MS 18 (new from stock)
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Bigsaver F60 model BS 1 > serial no. 99901 > New from stock !
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OFF - Labsaver F90 LS620-EN - yellow (B-choice)
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Megasaver Model MS533525 > Newly available from stock
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