Rental units for SGS Industrial Services SARL in France

New year, new projects! A good start to year with the delivery of four Bigsaver model BS3 rental units to SGS Industrial Services SARL in France. Thanks to Vlastuin Transport, the units are safely in place, ready for use! Our client can store hazardous materials responsibly and fire-safe during the construction of a new cement plant. Working together for a safe future!

Drip tray and grate galvanised model HLB 1
Promotion price
€ 227,80
Drip tray and grid galvanized model HLB 2
Promotion price
€ 236,72
SWD Ribbed tube heater type RIT 200 (Mechaheat)
Promotion price
€ 441,70
Labsaver F90 LS1220-EN - gray
Promotion price
€ 2.175,00