Safety cabinets

Safety cabinetsDo

you need a place to store hazardous substances? And do you want it to comply with the law? Do you want a safety cabinet that you can lock properly so that you do not have to worry about it? Then you have come to the right place at Hiltra. We supply the best quality safety cabinets. All our safety cabinets and gas cylinder cabinets have been tested in accordance with the PGS 15 standards and are produced in-house.

What types of safety cabinets can you purchase from Hiltra?

You can choose from three different types of safety cabinets. Each is suitable for a different purpose. In our range you will find:

Chemical cabinets - suitable for non-flammable ADR class substances. They contain shelves for spilled chemicals and ventilation grilles for ventilation and de-aeration. Including built-in cylinder lock.

Fire resistant safety cabinets - the fire resistance of these cabinets is at least 90 minutes. Includes adjustable feet for leveling and various ventilation openings. Includes cylinder lock and removable shelves.

Fire resistant gas cylinder cabinets - again, the fire resistance is at least 90 minutes. Includes air vents and folding ramp for fitting and removing gas cylinders.

Labsaver F90 LS1220-EN - yellow
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€ 2.341,60
SWD Ribbed tube heater type RIT 200 (Mechaheat)
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€ 441,70
Drip tray and grid galvanized model HLB 2
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€ 232,32